Thursday, January 6, 2011

A time for every matter in the Christmas season
by Fred & Gloria Strickert

A time for every matter in the Christmas Season. . .

. . . a time to celebrate

in manger square

. . . with longtime Bethlehem friends
. . . a time to pray

Christmas Eve in Bethlehem
Joint Arabic-German-English Language Worship

Bishop Younan's Christmas Sermon
Fear Not!   (Click on Link to read)

Redeemer English Congregation Choir
. . . a time to come together as community

Christmas Day Brunch with 60 + Guests

. . . a time to visit with official greetings

Jerusalem clergy visit the Latin Patriarchy

. . . a time to look serious

President of Israel Peres' Reception
. . . a time to laugh

. . . a time to cry

Memorial Service for 23 Coptic victims of New Year Bombing 

Jerusalem's Coptic Church
on rooftop of Holy Sepulchre

Coptic Priests

Bishop Younan's Words of Condolence
Muslims and Christians together

. . . even when words are not enough

. . . a time to cry some more
December 2 service remembering
52 Iraqi Christians dead from October attack

Jerusalem's Dominican Church of
St. Stephen
(the first Christian Martyr)

Fred & Gloria Strickert