Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Prayer for Christian Unity


Fred & Gloria Strickert

Pentecost in Jerusalem
                      . . . two Millennia later

"And they were one. . .

. . . in the apostles' teaching

. . . and in the breaking of bread

. . . and in fellowship 

. . . and in prayer."   

Acts 2:42

The week of Prayer for Christian Unity since 1908
The year 2011 program written for the global church by the Palestinian Church at the request of the World Council of Churches and the Pontifical Institute on Christian Unity.  

Sunday -- Greek Catholic Church

The Greek Catholic Church has its roots in the teaching of Peter in Antioch.  It continues with the Byzantine liturgy, but for three centuries has united with Rome.

Monday  The Armenian Church

St. James Armenian Church -- The Armenian Quarter of the Old City
With Roots in Jerusalem even before Constantine and the Council of Nicea
                    Tuesday  The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
Lead by American, German, and Arab pastors with participation by Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, and Scottish clergy
Bishop Younan's Message: "Ecumenical work is an art and we have created a beautiful Middle Eastern Carpet with each color of yarn as a different church -- each with its own gifts, but one in faith, one in prayer."  

The world will look at us a say, "See how much they love each other!"

Wednesday -- The Upper Room

Led by Benedictine Friars in the traditional place of the last supper.  "In the breaking of bread, breaking is not dividing and sharing means more not less."
St. Savior's
Catholic Church Old City

With Ethiopian, Armenian, & Franciscan Colleagues

Syrian Orthodox Church

Saturday Ethiopian Church

An Amazing week in Jerusalem
A Historic week in the Middle East with Political Change all around.
In Jerusalem a week of prayer
Prayer for Christian Unity
Prayer for the peace of Jerusalem
Prayer from Jerusalem to the whole Middle East to the whole world. . . .

by Fred & Gloria Strickert